Simplify your tenant screening process

Houserie tenant screening service makes it easy!

As a landlord or property manager, you know that every day a rental unit sits empty you’re losing valuable revenue. But running renters credit check and rental history check is a very slow, tedious, and often complicated process. Now there’s a better way. Houserie offers a fast, comprehensive, and secure online tenant screening service. We’re simplifying and enhancing the successful landlord's tenant screening process. So every tenant screening report is more thorough, properties rent faster, and your work is easier!

SCREENING PACKAGES AVAILABLE Basic $19.99 Premier $24.99 Ultimate $29.99

Social Security Number Trace

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National Criminal and Sex offender Search

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National Eviction Search

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Quick Tenant Credit Score Card

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Custom Sample Report

At Houserie, all of our tenant screening service packages are Pay-As-You-Go. There’s no recurring membership to pay and no set-up fees—just a fast, affordable, cost-effective background, credit, and rental history check. No wonder word of our tenant screening service is spreading!

How the Houserie tenant risk scorecard helps you?


The new Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) law prevents single-family landlords from accessing tenant credit reports without undergoing a typically cumbersome verification process. To provide landlords with a useful alternative, Houserie has developed criteria for evaluating the likelihood that a tenant will default on their lease.

Here is how it works:
  • Each time you evaluate a new renter, our algorithm scores that renter’s information using multiple sources of data including:
  • 1) The tenant’s credit report (Credit risk)
  • 2) The tenant’s eviction history (Eviction risk)
  • 3) The tenant’s criminal history (Criminal risk)
  • 4) The tenant’s application data (Affordability index)

Our tenant screening report provides you with a tenant background and credit check that assesses the overall quality of the tenant.

If you’re looking to find a balance between quickly filling your vacancy versus finding tenants that are reliable, our tenant screening summary can help.

Isn't it time you tried Houserie's tenant screening service?

Identity Checks


Houserie's identity check is an inexpensive way to ensure your prospective tenants are who they say they are. We check death records for fraudulent SSN use and provide full address history for the individual as part of this check.

Eviction Reports


Our Houserie eviction report screens nationwide court records for past eviction cases matching your potential renter. This type of rental history check is an essential predictor of the likelihood that the tenant will default on your lease.

Renters Credit Check


Our Houserie renters credit check provides a secure way for tenants to share credit data and allow the landlord to make leasing decisions based on our credit scorecard without disclosing specific accounts or banking details.

Criminal Reports


Our nationwide criminal and sex offender search is available instantly from multi-state databases that have been integrated into the Houserie platform. Our system has access to over one billion criminal records.