Fast Tenant Background Checks Online is the safest way for tenants to share information with landlords

A Houserie tenant background check can help you get the place you want!
A tenant background check is used by both commercial and individual landlords to secure their investments. With this background information, they are able to make informed decisions on whether or not to rent or lease their property to a potential tenant. Renting out property can be a risky business. According to research, 20% of the property owners list non-payment of rent as their biggest concern, followed by concerns over tenants with serious criminal records and a bad credit history at 16% and 14% respectively.

One of the ways of dealing with the risk is conducting a comprehensive tenant background check on all prospective tenants that qualify. Houserie Inc.. is one of the top companies in the industry that can conduct reliable and comprehensive tenant screenings to provide landlords with the information they need to find that perfect tenant. Based on what screening package the landlord/property manager selects, the following information can be included in the tenant background check report: SSN Verification, Address History, National Criminal and Eviction History, Credit History (7-10years) including bankruptcies, number of late payments, collections and charge offs, minimum monthly payment due on outstanding debt, total outstanding debt and so on.

From a tenant’s perspective this whole process might seem scary as you have to provide us with your personal information including your Social Security Number. Rest assured that your information is safe with us! Our system is an online system with bank level security. Your personal information gets entered into our system which then generates the screening report that will be delivered directly to your landlord’s Houserie Account which is password protected. This way your personal information stays private. Highly personal information such as your SSN and individual bank account numbers and information does not get shared with anyone, not even the landlord.

Houserie provides comprehensive tenant background screening reports to landlords and property managers giving them the much-needed tools for finding the perfect tenant while at the same time keeping the tenant’s information safe and private. Our system is affordable and fast and it usually only takes a few hours (often much faster) to generate a tenant’s screening report.

We never share your information with anybody

We never spam you or sell your email

We use bank level security to keep your personal information safe

You enter your own personal information into the system and the landlord never gets to see your SSN

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