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Find out why Houserie does it better

As a landlord, you depend on services that add significant value to your business, from landscaping to maintenance to appliance repair. At Houserie, our tenant background check services add value where it matters most—in your screening of potential renters. Our credit check for landlords gives you detailed and relevant information through a fast, convenient, and comprehensive process. Yet our tenant credit check is so affordable, offering you an excellent return on a very modest investment.

It is probably safe to assume that every landlord/property manager wants to find a responsible tenant who pays his/her rent on time and will not damage the rental property. Fortunately, a comprehensive tenant background screening including a tenant credit check can help you determine whether potential tenants will pay their rent on time and will be responsible tenants. Houserie Inc. provides reliable and fast screening reports including tenant credit checks that will make finding that perfect tenant a breeze.

Sign up for our service is easy and all online. You can start screening tenants within a few minutes! Dependent on the screening option you select, you can have the tenant pay us directly for the screening or select to pay for the screening yourself.

Please note that most reports even the once ordered outside of regular business hours will be completed within a couple of hours and often much faster. However, some reports ordered outside of regular business hours can take up to 24 hours to get completed.

We offer Pay-As-You-Go Service when you prefer to run a single report or plan to use our service only occasionally. We also offer a Subscription Plan for $19.95/month which will be beneficial to more frequent users because it entitles you to a 25% discount on every screening. You can select which payment plan you prefer at the end of the process when payment is requested.

With 3 different packages to select from your tenant background screening can be as comprehensive as you would like it to be. Our prices range from $19.99 to $29.99. Our Ultimate package ($29.99) includes a SSN Verification, Address History, National Criminal and Eviction Search, Tenant Credit Check and our Houserie Tenant Scorecard with recommendations.

Our tenant credit check will show information like bankruptcies, the number of currently delinquent accounts, late payments and recent collections and charge offs. It will also show you what the potential tenant’s minimum monthly payments are on their outstanding debt and what the total amount is of their debt. This info and the Income to Rent Ratio that will be calculated will enable you to gauge the tenant's current financial position and their ability and willingness to pay their bills on time.

Better information means better decisions. Let Houserie help you find that perfect tenant!


  • Enhance and expedite your screening process
  • Reduce your liability -- tenants enter their own personal information, including SSN
  • Charge background screening costs directly to the tenant
  • Receive nationwide criminal and eviction reports
  • Improve your decision making with our Houserie Credit scorecard
  • Experience the preferred landlord credit check system which is helping more and more property managers save time, money, and effort!



With Houserie, the credit and background check for landlords is so easy. Here’s how the process works

Landlord creates account and initiates a tenant background screening


Tenant fills out screening form and authorizes screening


Landlord views screening report and makes renting decision


*Tenant enters his or her SSN and authorizes the credit background check for landlords DIRECTLY into our safe and secure platform. Your tenant’s security - and yours - are our highest priority.