Effectively Handling Tenant Complaints

BY: HARINI V 04/18/2013

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As the landlord of your properties, it’s up to you to handle your tenant’s complaints in a friendly and effective manner. There are so many common complaints that a tenant can have, including plumbing, cracks, leaks, and more. Here are some tips for handling these complaints easily and efficiently.

  1. The noisy neighbors. Tenants seem to complain about raucous and noisy neighbors all the time. Do your best to address this issue as soon as possible, since tenants are very sensitive about their peace and quiet. They also get worried if the noisy neighbors seem to be loud and violent.
  2. Property maintenance issues. There are always going to be maintenance issues for tenants to complain about. Make sure you go over all maintenance plans and needs in your rental agreement, or speak with the tenants when they first move in to set expectations.
  3. Always be available. This will make your tenants feel secure that all their issues will be taken care of in a quick, efficient manner. Being available to your tenants will also let them know you care and are willing to quickly take care of any issues.
  4. Listen. Just genuinely listening to your tenants will help with communication, the landlord-tenant relationship, and also building trust with the tenant. Listen to what your tenant has to say in regards to any issues and complaints. Your tenants will be more likely to renew their lease contract if they trust and enjoy their landlord.


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