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BY: HARINI V 04/10/2013

HouserieLogoRenting properties can be a daunting task for both tenants and landlords. Houserie.com hopes to remove some of the difficulty by providing the safest, most secure way to obtain tenant background checks.  By verifying both the identity of the landlord as well as ensuring that the tenant’s detailed credit information isn’t revealed in its entirety to the landlord, Houserie.com protects tenants’ privacy. At the same time, by running a thorough background, criminal, and eviction check on tenants and providing a scorecard to landlords, Houserie.com gives landlords the peace of mind, knowing that they are renting out their apartment to a reliable individual who will likely be a good tenant based on his/her history.

Background checks aren’t necessarily the only things on landlords’ and tenants’ minds when entering into this relationship. There are a multitude of other concerns for both parties, including whether pets are allowed, whether a rental agent should be used, and effective communication between the two parties to avoid future issues. We hope to address these areas and more in our blogs!


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