Steps In The Tenant Screening Process

BY: HARINI V 11/07/2013

Once you have your prospective listing ready to be rented, how do you find good tenants? Screening potential tenants with proper and lawful screening techniques can cut down on problems you could possibly face. The following are some steps in the tenant screening process to properly screen potential tenants:


1. Have Tenants Fill Out Rental Application

Having tenants fill out a rental application is a good way for you to first get information about them. You will be able to obtain information, such as their social security number, current address, and if they are currently employed.

2. Pay For A Tenant Screening

Most landlords will charge an application fee that can go towards paying for a tenant screening, rather than paying out of their own pocket.

3. Screen Your Tenants

There are tenant-screening services that landlords can use, such as ( Screening a tenant yourself can be very time consuming and not always accurate.

4. Receive Screening Results

If a landlord uses an online service such as, the results can get back to them as soon as 24 hours. Depending on the screening you get, you can find out a tenant’s criminal background, if they have any past evictions, a summary of their credit, and a tenant scorecard.

5. Making The Final Decision On Tenants

The landlord will always have the final decision of whom he wants to rent to. With a proper tenant screening, he can now be better equipped to make that decision.


Finding good tenants will always be a coin toss. Screening possible tenants can help you find out who a potential renter really is, based on their background. It will also cut down on possible problems you could face in the future.


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