Easy, Effective Ways to Respect Your Tenant’s Privacy

BY: HARINI V 08/12/2013

Tenant's privacy

Landlords need to be respectful of their tenant’s privacy regardless of any state laws that give them permission to enter the unit. Respecting your tenant’s privacy not only keeps the relationship on good terms, but it may also earn the tenant’s trust, thereby giving you a long-term tenant for your property. Here are four easy and effective ways to respect their privacy, while still keeping up-to-date on the condition of your rental space.

  1. Call first if there are repairs or maintenance to be done to the property. A landlord cannot just show up to a property and expect to do repairs without giving the tenant notice beforehand. You need to call and set up a time to do the repairs or maintenance based on the tenant’s availability.
  2. It’s up to the landlord or property manager to set up privacy boundaries. Although many states have certain laws and rules in place to protect a tenant’s privacy, some do not have any regulations set up for this and the landlords must arrange privacy clauses under the lease contract. Make sure you notate any these provisions in the rental agreement before the tenant moves into the property.
  3. Have set business hours. Having business hours that are the same time every day will help tenants know when to reach you in case of repairs or emergencies. It will also set boundaries for respecting their privacy in case you need to reach them or make a visit to the property.
  4. Knock more than once and then wait. Many states require a landlord to knock at least once and then wait a period of time for the tenant to respond. Unless there is an emergency, landlords cannot just knock once and then go right inside without the permission of the tenant.



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