Five Ways to be a Good Tenant

BY: HARINI V 07/03/2013

All tenants want to leave a good impression on their landlords and, more importantly, maintain an excellent relationship with the person who owns the home they live in. Knowing how to be a good tenant will not only make your life with your landlord better, but it will also give you great references later when you move.

  1. Read and understand your rental/lease agreement. By fully reading and actually understanding the lease contract you’re about to sign, you can obey the rules of the landlord and keep them happy. By signing it, you must adhere to their rules and stipulations or risk eviction.
  2. Give all requests for repairs or improvements in writing to your landlord. Keeping good records of all repairs that were requested and fixed by the landlord is beneficial down the road in case of disputes.
  3. Keep your home or apartment tidy and clean. You don’t have to deep clean every single day, but be sure to make your space tidy and keep it clean. The look of your home reflects back on you and you want to make sure the landlord knows you are keeping their unit nice and neat.
  4. Try to love (or at least tolerate) your neighbors. Not only will this make your life easier, it will also keep any disputes or fights from happening with those who live around you.
  5. Buy a renter’s insurance policy. Landlords will really appreciate if you purchase a policy that will cover any loss. They will be saving money and you’ll be covered if anything should happen that damages or destroys your belongings.


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