Why Online Tenant Screening is Becoming the New Normal

BY: HARINI V 06/11/2013

Tenant Background Screening

Completing tenant screenings takes time and money, and it becomes quite a headache for landlords. From credit checks, background checks, and even a criminal record check, doing online screenings is becoming a new way for landlords to easily complete these tedious screening duties. Here’s why it’s the better way to go:

  1. Saves time. If you use an online company that specializes in tenant screenings, you can let them handle every aspect of the screening process. They will run all of the credit, background, and criminal checks for you. They can even pull eviction records on the potential tenant. You are then able to focus on other aspects of your business and make the final decision once they get back to you with the report findings. A site like Houserie.com provides exactly this for landlords.
  2. Saves money. Usually for one upfront fee, you can have an online screening service conduct all the checks that you need, instead of having to pay separate fees for each background check, saving you money. This also simplifies the process for landlords.
  3. Liability issues. By using these online services, such as Houserie.com, a landlord never sees a tenant’s social security number, bank account numbers, and other sensitive personal information. This creates less liability for the landlord since the online service company stores all of this information securely for the landlord.
  4. Quicker results. Some online screening companies can have results back to you in an hour; this can make the entire process much quicker than if you conducted the screening yourself, thus enabling you to rent your property faster.


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