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Houserie's Online Tenant Background Checks

Comprehensive, Accurate, Safe and Quick Tenant Screening Reports

Tenant Identity Verification

Houserie's identity check is a quick way to ensure your prospective tenants are who they say they are. We check death records for fraudulent SSN use and provide full address history for the individual. We also check for aliases.

Tenant Eviction History

We screen court records nationwide for past eviction cases matching your potential tenant's name and other personal information. This type of rental history check is a predictor of the likelihood that the tenant will default on your lease. A Rental eviction history search is a critical part of a tenant background screening.

Tenant Credit Check

It is important to do a credit check on all prospective tenants. If you have an applicant with currently delinquent accounts and many late payments this might be an indication that this tenant will make late rent payments or might not pay the rent at all. A tenant credit check can help you find a tenant with a positive credit history who will pay their rent on time.
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Tenant Criminal Background Check

Our nationwide criminal and sex offender search instantly retrieves data from over one billion criminal record databases nationwide. A person may seem like the nicest, most honest person when you meet them, but they could be hiding who they truly are. A criminal background check may alert you that someone may be a risk factor because they have had previous criminal convictions.

Tenant Quick Scorecard

Our automated Tenant Scorecard is a powerful recommendation tool for landlords. It provides a quick overview of a prospective tenant’s financial situation and offers recommendations to landlords and property managers.

Comprehensive Tenant Screening

Owning rental properties can be a great way to make money, however, it is not an easy business. If you do not properly screen your prospective tenants, it can lead to all kinds of problems. Tenants might not pay their rent, they might damage your property, or they might be a nuisance to other tenants or neighbors. A thorough tenant background screening on all prospective tenants can prevent most of these future problems.

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